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Fielding Graduate University is an accredited nonprofit leader in blended graduate education, combining face-to-face and online learning. Our curriculum offers quality degrees and courses for professionals living and working anywhere in the world. Fielding's faculty members represent a breadth of scholarship and practice in the fields of educational leadership, human and organizational development, and clinical and media psychology. Maintaining Fielding's reputation for quality programs faculty are mentors and guides to self-directed students who use their skills to become powerful, and socially-responsible leaders in their communities, workplaces, and society. (PRNewsFoto/Fielding Graduate University)

GDC and Fielding University Enter Into Strategic Partnership

On September 6, 2017, GDC and Fielding University entered into a Strategic Partnership. Learn more!.

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What We Do

GDC aims to strengthen the resources and tools of Diplomats. We offer a variety of outreach programs, diplomatic training, , consulting, conferences, forums, seminars, and workshops. We are a proponent of open dialogue between and among experts, thinkers, and social activists from around the world.

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About Us

The Global Diplomatic Center (GDC) was established to strengthen the resources and tools of Diplomats, government officials and leaders looking for excellence in their responsibility. Based in Washington DC, the GDC is at the heart of the world of diplomacy and training preeminence. 

GDC is the culmination of two decades of excellence. GDC has made great contributions to the international sphere of diplomacy, international relations and global engagement. In fact, the GDC was created to support the work of diplomacy around the world, to create economic prosperity and to bring peace.

Our Objectives

  • Expand engagement in global affairs.
  • Train participants (government officials, diplomats, entrepreneurs, women and youth) globally with the skills they need to perform their duties, and develop their theoretical and practical capabilities through courses, seminars, and special qualifying programs. 
  • Analyze global foreign policy and law.
  • Share research, insights, and analysis of various aspects of diplomacy.
  • Facilitate seminars and assemble panels of experts for discussion and healthy debate about the role of diplomacy worldwide.
  • ...and more
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Why We Established GDC

Preparing Leadership has become urgent more than ever before. The world is witnessing major transformations in every aspect, including shifting global geo-strategies, rising conflicts, on-going political, economic, and social challenges, in addition to the pandemic and climate change. These challenges call for different strategies and new leadership.

This is why the GDC was established: to provide the training foundation to keep up with this on-going transformational trend around the world.

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