Suzan Cailliau

Suzan Cailliau graduated from Chemical Engineering Department at the Middle East Technical University(METU-Ankara/Turkey) in June 1992. She completed her Masters in Business Administration at Bilkent University in Ankara.

After receiving her education, she started to work at the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey(DE?K), the prominent private sector organisation in charge to coordinate the economic relations of Turkey, to become “business diplomacy” organisation comprising Business Councils. She was in charge of the Middle East and Africa Business Councils. Her main task was organize events and to develop new business strategies with the respective countries.

In 2006, Suzan Cailliau was assigned as the Regional Coordinator for the Middle East and Gulf Cooperation Countries Business Councils. She leads a four person team and cooperates closely with business organisations in the respective countries to develop new means of collaboration in different sectors and to organise high level events for the private sector on a regular basis.

Suzan Cailliau is also a Board Member of International Cooperation (UIP) based in Istanbul since 2007.