GDC aims to strengthen the resources and tools of Diplomats.  We offer a variety of outreach programs, diplomatic training, consulting, conferences, forums, seminars, and workshops. We are a proponent of open dialogue between and among experts, thinkers, and social activists from around the world.

GDC seeks to partner with the diplomatic community by providing state of the art training, skills and knowledge for diplomats to meet the challenges they face now and in the future to foster peace in the world.

Our Vision

GDC is the Centre for diplomatic excellence.

Washington DC is a hub of diplomatic activity impacting the nations of the world. GDC seeks to empower diplomats and future leaders to accomplish their foreign affairs mission globally.

About Us

GDC provides the tools, skills and resources diplomats need to excel professionally.  GDC empowers diplomats,  politicians, decision makers, students and all those interested in world  policy and international relations for global engagement. GDC promotes diplomatic excellence, global understanding and recognizes the importance of diplomacy in serving nations and improving practice of foreign policy globally.

Diplomats engaged in education and training together enhance peace globally worldwide. Effective integrated learning opportunities at GDC provides diplomats and aspiring diplomats the communication skills, cultures training to effectively build relationships with global partners. The skills gained at GDC are vital to building peace in a world of conflict.


GDC service includes the following:

Training: (Government, Civilian) via partnership with FGU (Fielding Graduate University in USA and American University in Iraq)

Consulting: We currently partner with multiple organizations holding ISO 9001 certification to provide consulting services around the world. We have our strongest presences in the USA and Iraq, with partners in Mosel, Basra and other locations throughout, including the Kurdistan area. To learn more about our consulting services, please click here.

Why GDC, why now?

The world of diplomacy is in constant state of flux. Foreign Service training and companion services must provide rigorous training to their diplomats and statesmen and stateswomen to empower them to achieve. . The courses available at the GDC will broaden each participant  foreign policy experience, and teach new skills necessary for the future of diplomatic security and global leadership.

GDC unique programs help diplomats respond to a world undergoing change and highlights past achievements and future opportunities for diplomacy around the world.

GDC programmes engage key voices and major players in global affairs to create tangible and measurable solutions to some of the world's most challenging issues and to proactively shape and impact the global future.

The GDC partnership with several academic and research Institutions inside and outside Washington, is dedicated to promoting and contributing to global prosperity by initiating and fostering sustainable partnerships between diplomatic services, government agencies, politicians, the media, NGOs, academics and the private sector.

GDC is committed to providing an exemplary model of respect for different nationalities, gender, faith and race. Intellectual diversity of opinions and ideas are welcomed and encouraged in the GDC community.

Our programs:

Given the rising demand for diplomacy in a constantly changing world, GDC was set up to match this demand for services tailored to the needs of diplomats by establishing partnerships with foreign nations and creating a safer world via global interaction and understanding. GDC training is dedicated to teaching  a dynamic and pragmatic approach to diplomacy and international law through

  1. Adapted and competitor courses and workshops.
  2. Expanding access to knowledge and expertise in areas related to diplomacy.
  3. Increasing understanding and appreciation of diplomatic routes in conflict resolution.
  4. Enhancing appreciation of understanding and interaction between societies.

GDC exists to provide a direct channel of interaction among and between diplomats. It aims to present a continuous channel of exchange of ideas and knowledge and to promote building bridges for understanding and cooperation.

Our Objectives

The objectives of our programmes are:

  1. Expand engagement in global affair issues.
  2. Train diplomats globally with the skills they need in performing their duties, and develop their theoretical and practical capabilities, through courses, seminars and special qualifying programs.  Analyse global foreign policy and law.
  3. Share research, insights and analysis of different aspects of diplomacy.
  4. Facilitate seminars and assemble panels of experts for discussion and healthy debate about the role of diplomacy worldwide.
  5. Cooperate with the ministries, public departments and private institutions in such a way as to further advance each such institutions goals and training.
  6. Coordinate with universities, think tanks, not for profits, and non-governmental organizations worldwide to bring the best training to diplomats everywhere.  Bring to each student through workshops and other collaborative classes and seminars an in-depth understanding of different global scenarios and perspectives of global affairs directly impacting diplomats in the field.
  7. Organize conferences and seminars and participate in local and international meetings, conferences and symposia that are related to the objectives of GDC.