Alan Omar

Alan J. Omar  -  Founder & Managing Director of The Capital Gate

Mr. Omar serves as an advisor to Global Diplomatic Center (GDC). As an advisor, he provides the management team of GDC advice in the areas of management- structure, organizational development, and most importantly strategic financial guidance.

Alan J. Omar is the founder and managing director for The Capital Gate, which is a consulting and private equity investment firm. He manages and oversees all aspects of the company. The Capital Gate provides consulting services to business owners. Additionally, TCG offers well-diversified investment vehicles based on conservative and long-term principles.

Prior to owning a gas station, Mr. Omar was working as a consultant to foreign companies interested in entering the Kurdish-Iraqi market for commodity trades, crude oil, liquid natural gas, and other petroleum based products. In his consulting experience, he saw a lack of financial resources available to investors in developing countries. Mr. Omar analyzed the future of the financial world and was inspired to start The Capital Gate, as a private equity firm building its foundation in the United States and providing an avenue to investors globally. The company is strategically built and focused on low-risk, well-diversified investment funds that will provide long-term, consistent returns.

Mr. Omar is also the founder of Seva Market & Deli, a licensed brand in the petroleum industry that operates three separate business departments consisting of a convenience store, fuel station, and fast food deli. He has an extensive amount of experience in managing fuel stations, mini markets, and mechanic shops. Over the years, his goal was to build a licensed system that can provide a roll-out concept, a system, a brand, and management experience to entrepreneurs looking to break into the gas station industry. Most importantly, he aspired to help other entrepreneurs avoid making costly mistakes due to lack of availability of resources and guidance for small business owners. In 2014, he sold his first licensed Seva Market & Deli, retail-station, in Manassas Park, Virginia.