Women & Diplomacy


The Global Diplomatic Center for women works to empower women diplomats and offers Fellowships programs to develop young leaders in international affairs and public diplomacy to promote stability and peace worldwide. Women  play a critical role in creating sustainable peace.  We train women diplomats to fully  participate in every stage of diplomacy.

GDCFW brings together women from areas of conflict around the world to share and discuss peace-building strategies, sharpen skills, shape public policy. . Those women with varied backgrounds, perspectives, and skills bring a vast array of expertise to the peacemaking process.

Our programs are distinct and we know that providing a marginalized woman access to resources and skills increases her chances of rebuilding herself and her family and her community and eventually her country.

Investing in women and young girls

We share the belief that strong women build strong nations and  promote world peace and friendship.

GDCW Upcoming Programs:

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